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PDF icon 02.00 Agenda.pdf89.07 KB
PDF icon 04.00.A.a. Appointments Certified.pdf294.73 KB
PDF icon 04.00.A.b. Appointments Support Staff.pdf141.45 KB
PDF icon 04.00.B.a. Resignations Terminations Certified.pdf141.64 KB
PDF icon 04.00.B.b. Resignations Terminations Support Staff.pdf140.09 KB
PDF icon 04.00.C. FOIA.pdf54.49 KB
PDF icon 04.00.D. Approval of Accounts Payable Bills.pdf782.09 KB
PDF icon 04.00.E. Approval of Payroll Disbursements.pdf339.94 KB
PDF icon 04.00.F. Approval of Revolving Fund Reimbursement.pdf214.57 KB
PDF icon 04.00.G.a. Minutes April 18, 2022 Special Board Meeting.pdf69.52 KB
PDF icon 04.00.G.c. Minutes April 18, 2022 Facilities Committee Meeting.pdf75.48 KB
PDF icon 04.00.G.d. Minutes April 18, 2022 Finance Committee Meeting.pdf66.62 KB
PDF icon 04.00.H. Gifts.pdf90.79 KB
PDF icon 04.00.I. Special Education FTE Recommendation.pdf64.58 KB
PDF icon 04.00.J. Technology Services Operating Budget for 2022-23.pdf116.09 KB
PDF icon 04.00.K. Policies.pdf1.69 MB
PDF icon 04.00.L. Facility Rental Agreements with Glenbrook Racquet Club.pdf165.85 KB
PDF icon 04.00.M. Overnight Student Trip for Glenbrook North Choir and Theatre Paris Performance.pdf1.04 MB
PDF icon 04.00.N. Overnight Student Trip for Glenbrook South German Exchange Program.pdf500.07 KB
PDF icon 14.00 Regular Board Meeting Dates and Times for the 2022-2023 School Year.pdf86.77 KB
PDF icon 15.00 Committee Appointments and Member Representatives.pdf39.7 KB
PDF icon 18.00 Policies.pdf818.88 KB
PDF icon 19.00 Student Fees for the 2022-23 School Year.pdf218.15 KB
PDF icon 20.00 Facility Rental Agreements with Beber Camp.pdf238.67 KB
PDF icon 21.00 Reconfiguration of Glenbrook South Traffic Pattern with the Village.pdf2.61 MB
PDF icon Open All.pdf7.45 MB