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PDF icon 05.00.A.a. Appointments_ Certified.pdf289.93 KB
PDF icon 05.00.A.b. Appointments_ Support Staff (1).pdf145.77 KB
PDF icon 05.00.B.a. Resignations_Terminations_ Certified.pdf140.07 KB
PDF icon 05.00.B.b. Resignations_Terminations_ Support Staff (1).pdf141.45 KB
PDF icon 05.D Approval of Accounts Payable Bills.pdf1.05 MB
PDF icon 05.E Approval of Payroll Disbursements.pdf337.28 KB
PDF icon 05.F Approval of Revolving Fund Reimbursement.pdf265.88 KB
PDF icon 05.00.G.a. Minutes May 24, 2021 Regular Board Meeting.doc.pdf66.67 KB
PDF icon 05.00.H. Gifts.pdf49.39 KB
PDF icon 05.00. I. Resolution Authorizing Interfund Transfer for Debt Service Purposes.pdf100.41 KB
PDF icon 05.00 J. Resolution Abating the Working Cash Fund (2021).pdf102.85 KB
PDF icon 05.00 K. 2021-2022 Consolidated District Plan.pdf1.88 MB
PDF icon 05.00.L. 2020-2021 Certified Staff FTE Adjustments.pdf260.57 KB
PDF icon 05.00.M. 2021-2022 Certified Staff FTE Adjustments.pdf257.36 KB
PDF icon 05.00.N. Release and Reassignment of Educational Support Personnel (2).pdf312.07 KB
PDF icon 05.00.O. 2021-22 Non-Certified Special Leave Request .pdf307.81 KB
PDF icon 05.00. P. 2021_06_14_Facility Rental Agreements with Glenbrook Racquet Club.pdf186.33 KB
PDF icon 05.00. Q.a. 4095 Policy - Debt Disclosure Compliance - Google Docs.pdf217.23 KB
PDF icon 05.00. Q.b. 4100 Policy - Outstanding Checks - Google Docs.pdf215.07 KB
PDF icon 05.00. Q.c. 7225 Policy - Student Data Privacy and Security - Google Docs.pdf216.71 KB
PDF icon 05.00. Q.d. 7270 Policy - Grade Point Average - Google Docs.pdf609.01 KB
PDF icon 05.00. Q.e. 9010 Policy - Auxiliary Adult Organizations - Google Docs.pdf609.07 KB
PDF icon 06.00 Summer School Update.pdf115.13 KB
PDF icon All Documents.pdf3.48 MB
PDF icon Summer School Power Point.pdf159.84 KB