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PDF icon 06.04 Approval of Accounts Payable Bills.pdf479.88 KB
PDF icon 06.05 BOE Approval of Payroll Disbursements.pdf532.06 KB
PDF icon 06.06 Approval of Revolving Fund Reimbursement.pdf141.33 KB
PDF icon 03.00 Glenbrook Stories.pdf57.44 KB
PDF icon 06.01b Appointments_ Support Staff Revised 05.21.18.pdf84.81 KB
PDF icon 06.02b Resignations_Terminations_ Support Staff 5.21.18.pdf84.82 KB
PDF icon 06.07 Minutes April 23 2018 Regular Board Meeting.pdf174.44 KB
PDF icon 06.07 Minutes May 7 2018 Special Board Meeting.pdf121.2 KB
PDF icon 06.07 Minutes May 8 2018 Finance Committee Meeting.pdf105.24 KB
PDF icon 06.07 Minutes May 14 2018 Special Board Meeting.pdf110.34 KB
PDF icon 06.08 Gifts.pdf29.19 KB
PDF icon 06.09 Capital Projects Funded by FY2018-19 School Operating Budgets.pdf1.08 MB
PDF icon 06.10 Photography Request for Proposal.pdf92.81 KB
PDF icon 06.11 GBNSpeechNationalTournament2018.pdf258.2 KB
PDF icon 06.12 GBN FCCLA NationalConf2018.pdf382.07 KB
PDF icon 06.13 GBS FCCLA Trip to Nationals in Atlanta.pdf234.6 KB
PDF icon 06.14 2017-2018 School Year Closing Date.pdf40.77 KB
PDF icon 06.15 Establish the Revolving Fund for FY2018-19.pdf78.45 KB
PDF icon 06.16 GBNStudyAbroadProgramCostaRica.pdf236.42 KB
PDF icon 06.17 Rehires_ Certified.pdf91.25 KB
PDF icon 07.00 Draft of the 2019-2020 School Year Calendar for Review.pdf205.88 KB
PDF icon 08.00 Special Education FTE Recommendation Revised.pdf18.91 KB
PDF icon 09.00 District Office FTE Recommendation for 2018-19.pdf163.82 KB
PDF icon 10.00 Resolution Authorizing Permanent Inter-Fund Transfers for Capital Project Purposes.pdf183.71 KB
PDF icon 11.00 Learning Spaces Update.pdf129.56 KB
PDF icon 12.00 Discussion%2FAction_ Approval of Cohort Furniture Purchase .pdf68.15 KB
PDF icon 13.00 Class of 2022 Chromebook Purchase.pdf164.88 KB
PDF icon 14.00 Approval of Multifunctional Printer Purchase.pdf131.45 KB
PDF icon 15.00 Approval of GBS Furniture Bid for Lyceum Chairs.pdf962.32 KB
PDF icon 16.00 Discussion%2FAction_ Approval of Bookstore Managed Services Agreement.pdf90 KB
PDF icon 17.00 Main Entrances Security Enhancements.pdf401.69 KB
PDF icon 18.00 Resolution Designating Interest Earnings for FY2018-19.pdf286.37 KB
PDF icon 19.00 Resolution Establishing the Prevailing Wage Rates for FY2018-19.pdf587.32 KB
PDF icon All Documents 05.21.18.pdf4.47 MB