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PDF icon 02.00 Agenda 01.09.23.pdf93.22 KB
PDF icon 05.00 Ninja Idrizi - Asst Sup.pdf263.72 KB
PDF icon 05.00 Lauren O'Malley - Asst Principal.pdf536.26 KB
PDF icon 05.00.A. Personnel Report .pdf124.69 KB
PDF icon 07.00.B. FOIA.pdf59.19 KB
PDF icon 07.00.C. Approval of Accounts Payable Bills.pdf864.03 KB
PDF icon 07.00.D.Approval of Payroll Disbursements.pdf448.39 KB
PDF icon 07.00.E. Approval of Revolving Fund Reimbursement.pdf248.02 KB
PDF icon 07.00.F.a. Minutes Regular Board Meeting 12.12.22.pdf217.63 KB
PDF icon 07.00.F.c. Minutes Special Board Meeting 01.03.23.pdf55.8 KB
PDF icon 07.00.G. Gifts.pdf56.59 KB
PDF icon 07.00.H. Class of 2027 Chromebook Purchase.pdf403.35 KB
PDF icon 07.00.I. Overnight Student Trip for Glenbrook South Students to Attend the Boston University Model United Nations Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.pdf333.18 KB
PDF icon 07.00.J. Overnight Student Trip for Glenbrook Academy Students to Participate in a Study Abroad Program in France.pdf309.29 KB
PDF icon 07.00.K Request of Approval for Professional Leave Expenses - 35th Annual T-Cubed International Conference.pdf195.25 KB
PDF icon 08.00 New Course Proposals.pdf548.94 KB
PDF icon 09.00 Acceptance of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2022 - Google Docs.pdf2.34 MB
PDF icon 10.00 NSERVE Intergovernmental Agreement Revision.pdf614.38 KB
PDF icon 11.00 IGA - Reciprocal Reporting Between Glenbrook South and Glenview Police Department.pdf102.29 KB
PDF icon 12.00 IGA - Reciprocal Reporting Between Glenbrook North and Northbrook Police Department.pdf101.77 KB
PDF icon 13.00 Policies and Procedures.pdf1.19 MB
PDF icon All Documents.pdf6.87 MB