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PDF icon 03.00 Glenbrook Stories.pdf68.54 KB
PDF icon 06.01a Appointments- Certified.pdf291.69 KB
PDF icon 06.01b Appointments- Support Staff .pdf43.23 KB
PDF icon 06.02a Resignations_Terminations- Certified.pdf221.35 KB
PDF icon 06.02b Resignations_Terminations- Support Staff.pdf39.08 KB
PDF icon 06.03 FOIA.pdf339.81 KB
PDF icon 06.07 Minutes May 1 2017 Special Board Meeting.pdf115.83 KB
PDF icon 06.08 Resolution Authorizing Rescission of Auxiliary Organization Recognition.pdf146.42 KB
PDF icon 06.09 Resolution Authorizing Management of Workers' Compensation Claims.pdf158.86 KB
PDF icon 06.10 FY18 Special Education FTE Recommendation.pdf164.72 KB
PDF icon 06.11 2016-2017 School Year Closing Date.pdf934.87 KB
PDF icon 06.12 Gifts.pdf124.78 KB
PDF icon 06.13 GBS German Exchange Program.pdf181.2 KB
PDF icon 06.14 GBS French Exchange Program.pdf354.35 KB
PDF icon 06.15 Certified FTE Adjustment for the 2017-18 School Year.pdf184.93 KB
PDF icon 07.00 Draft of the 2018-2019 School Year Calendar for Review.pdf1.15 MB
PDF icon 08.00 Award of Bid GBS Stadium Concession Stand Bathroom Facility.pdf871.62 KB
PDF icon 09.00 Award of Capital Outlay Bid for GBN Furniture.pdf1.88 MB
PDF icon 10.00 Award of Technology Capital Outlay.pdf231.16 KB
PDF icon 11.00 FY2018 Technology Capital Outlay.pdf96.43 KB
PDF icon 12.00 Update on Enrollment Relatives to Activities.pdf12.76 MB
PDF icon 12.00 Update on Enrollment Relatives to Athletics.pdf17.66 MB
PDF icon 13.00 Resolution Designating Interest Earnings for FY2017.pdf152.03 KB
PDF icon 14.00 Amended Budget for FY2017.pdf330.29 KB
PDF icon 06.07 Minutes May 8 2017 Regular Board Meeting.pdf446.97 KB
PDF icon 07.00 School Calendar Feedback.pdf600.71 KB