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PDF icon 02.00 Agenda 11.08.21.pdf65.05 KB
PDF icon 05.00.A.a. Appointments Certified.pdf280.5 KB
PDF icon 05.00.A.b. Appointments Support Staff.pdf148.76 KB
PDF icon 05.00.B.a. Resignations Terminations Certified.pdf139.62 KB
PDF icon 05.00.B.b. Resignations Terminations Support Staff.pdf143.66 KB
PDF icon 05.00.C. FOIA.pdf64.17 KB
PDF icon 05.00.D. Approval of Accounts Payable Bills.pdf929.02 KB
PDF icon 05.00.E. Approval of Payroll Disbursements.pdf333.62 KB
PDF icon 05.00.F. Approval of Revolving Fund Reimbursement.pdf220.6 KB
PDF icon 05.00.G.a. Minutes October 25, 2021 Regular Board Meeting.pdf101.57 KB
PDF icon 05.00.H. Gifts.pdf52.79 KB
PDF icon 05.00.I. Summer 2022 Capital Projects and 3-Year Master Facility Plan.pdf4.8 MB
PDF icon 05.00.J. Class of 2026 Chromebook Purchase.pdf184.1 KB
PDF icon 05.00.K.a. 3025 Policy - Legal and Granted Holidays for Administrators.pdf147.17 KB
PDF icon 05.00.K.b. 6200 Policy - Disability Leave.pdf461.55 KB
PDF icon 05.00.K.c. 6400 Policy - Leaves Without Pay for Educational Support Personnel.pdf246.2 KB
PDF icon 05.00.K.d. 6400 Procedures - Leaves Without Pay - Educational Support Personnel.pdf76.92 KB
PDF icon 05.00.K.e. 6420 Policy - Legal and Granted Holidays for Educational Support Personnel - Google Docs.pdf448.5 KB
PDF icon 05.00.K.f. 6435 Policy - Eligible Former Employee Health Care Benefits.pdf138.43 KB
PDF icon 05.00.L. GBS Debate Schedule.pdf244.43 KB
PDF icon 06.00 Award of Bid for GBS Roofing Summer 2022.pdf7.15 MB
PDF icon 07.00 Resolution Regarding Estimated Amounts Necessary to be Levied for the Year 2021.pdf214.42 KB
PDF icon 08.00 2021 IASB Resolutions Committee Report.pdf503.31 KB
PDF icon All Documents.pdf8.38 MB