Northfield Township High School District 225 Regular Board Meeting

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Monday, June 9, 2008 - 10:25pm
1. (10:25) Call to Order
2. (10:30) Approval of Agenda for This Meeting
3. (10:35) Recognition of Community Visitors
4. (10:45) Discussion/Action: Security Report Review
  Security Report Review  
5. (11:00) Discussion/Action: Approval of 5-year Tractor Lease
  Tractor Lease  
6. (11:15) Board and Superintendent Reports
7. (11:20) Review and Summary of Board Meeting
8. (11:25) Agenda Items for Future Board Meetings
9. (11:30) Closed Session: To consider the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline performance, or dismissal of specific employees, collective negotiating matters between the public body and its employees or their representatives, or deliberations concerning salary schedules for one or more classes of employees, student disciplinary cases and litigation, when an action against, affecting or on behalf of the particular public body has been filed and is pending before a court or administrative tribunal, or when the public body finds that an action is probable or imminent, other matters relating to an individual student, namely a determination of a student’s residency within the district (Section 2 (c) (1), (2), (9), (10) and (11) of the Open Meetings Act).
10. (11:35) Action Regarding Matters Discussed in Closed Session
11. (11:40) Future Board Meeting Dates:
12. (11:45) Adjournment
Informational Items:
  Cover Letter  
  Master Calendar  
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